little rock security system installers

You’ve decided it’s time to secure your home but aren’t sure if you should just order a security package online and install yourself, or hire a professional to install it. How hard could it be? It all depends on what your goals are.  But most people choose to secure their home for the same reasons – to deter theft, capture evidence, and get peace of mind.

We’ve installed security systems in Little Rock, Arkansas for hundreds of residents and businesses and many of those customers had started the process of self-installation before getting frustrated and calling us. Let’s take a look at why hiring a professional will save you time and money.

Do it Yourself Installation  

The best part of the do-it-yourself installation is that it’s free. At least it’s free if you don’t put a value amount on your time. We’re not against DIY projects, but not everything is optimized for the DIY experience, and home security is on that list. Over the years, many of our customers started the installation process themselves, only to hit a roadblock and call us. Several obstacles come with DIY security installations.

  • Time – You’ll need to familiarize yourself with the entire manual, spend time on the phone with customer service, or listen to pre-recorded directions to do it yourself. The more complicated the system, the more time you’re going to spend trying to figure it out.
  • No User Guidance – If you are successful in setting the system up, you’ll then need to learn how to use it. A professional who installs it will be able to walk you through the steps for using it and tell you about any shortcuts.
  • Higher Equipment Cost – If you install your own equipment, you will generally pay more for the initial equipment purchase, and may not qualify for warranties.


Professional Installation

The best part of professional installation is you can sit back and relax while your system gets installed. You know it’s getting installed correctly, and you’ll know how to use it before the technician leaves your home.

  • Save Time & Eliminate Stress – Don’t worry about decoding a complicated user manual or making costly mistakes with wires. Working with a professional allows you to have a stress free and fast security system installation.
  • Professional Guidance – Don’t risk an undetected break-in by missing something on your installation or activation. Get the most for your money by asking questions and making sure you’re 100% confident in your system, its functions, and how to operate it.
  • Possible Discounts – When you choose professional installation, you can often get cost-saving incentives. Look for promotions that give you more equipment upgrades when you pay for installation.


Get Your Professional Home Security Installation

Make sure your most valuable assets are secured. Give us a call today, and we’ll walk you through all of your security system options and find the best fit for you.