If you have a security system in your home now, even if you are being monitored by another company we can help. With new technology we can take over almost any type of alarm system FREE!  We just replace the keypad and learn your existing equipment into the new panel if needed.

If you have an alarm system that is going through the land line and you do not want the phone line we can help. . If you have your internet through your phone line you can keep that part and get rid of the part of your phone bill that you use to talk on. The part of your phone bill you talk on, is probably costing you about $40.00 per month or more. Your alarm is probablly $30.00 to $40.00 per month or more. That is $70 to $80 per month you are spending on your land line alarm system. We can upgrade your system to wireless communications for FREE in most cases and lower your monthly bills $30 to $40. Spend half the money for twice the system!

If you have current system that uses wireless communications we should be able to dramatically upgrade your system for less per month than your current monitoring rate.

It is not to good to be true. It is like upgrading your cell phone. Computers, cell phones, televisions and microwaves used to cost much more and do much less than the current ones. Security systems are no different. The new interactive systems do much more for less.

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