Best Home Security Cameras

When it comes to video surveillance, one of our favorite security cameras are Alibi Security cameras. Alibi products offer exceptional image quality and an extremely robust feature set. They’re easy to install, operate, and require little maintenance. Coming in at an affordable price point Alibi is hard to beat when it comes to Little Rock security cameras for your home or office. As a certified Alibi security camera dealer, we can walk you through the technology and find and install the perfect security camera to secure your property.

Innovative Technology

Alibi is always ahead of the curve in the security camera market. Alibi cameras feature the latest advances in security technology with the highest performance and flexibility available for any camera series. Every camera is engineered with premium components.

  • High-quality lenses
  • The latest image sensors
  • Long-life IR LEDs
  • Advanced heat dissipation
  • Extreme temperature ratings
  • Rugged housing with pro-seals

High-Resolution Recordings 

Alibi security cameras are engineered to capture crystal clear images. They come with recording resolutions up to 1080p (HD-TV), and 8.0 MP (IP). All recorders use surveillance optimized WD Purple hard drives, designed to run cooler and last longer for applications that require continuous operation.

Unapparelled Image Quality

Image quality is a function of components plus engineering. It’s far more complex than a simple resolution rating. Alibi security cameras deliver up to 3.0 MP (HD Analog), and 8.0 MP (IP). Alibi camera image quality consistently equals or out-performs the competition at a fraction of the cost.

Intuitive User Interface

Alibi security camera recorders feature a pre-installed video management software. It’s easy to use and offers powerful features, including:

  • Intelligent recording
  • Local and remote viewing
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Calendar, timeline and event search
  • Smart search
  • Instant Playback

Central Management Software

Alibi Central Management Software is a professional monitoring platform that allows you to centrally manage multiple devices, at multiple locations, all from a single interface. This user-friendly software is loaded with powerful features including a drag-and-drop system and camera selection, customizable displays, device grouping, alarms and notifications, remote system management, and more.

Mobile App

Get management level functionality in the palm of your hand. Mix and match cameras from multiple locations, customize and store multiple views. Watch live recorded video with audio, download snapshots, offload video directly to your mobile device, and much more.

Ready for the Best Security Cameras on the Market?

Interactive Security Solutions is a trusted and experienced Little Rock security company. As an experienced Alibi security camera dealer and installation expert, we can assure you’re going to get the perfect system for your home or business. Call today, and we’ll walk you through your options and can schedule a free on-site consultation. Secure your home and business with the best security cameras available today.

All Alibi purchases are protected with unlimited US-based technical support  3-Year Blanket parts Warranty that covers your entire cctv purchase, with no asterisks and no exceptions! The warranty covers all Alibi camera and recorder hardware and components, and pre-installed hard drives. 90 day labor warranty for equipment failure or replacement.

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