System Design and Engineering Support


Free Security Analysis


Are you a homeowner or business manager/owner thinking about securing your home or business? Do you have an older security system that you’re looking to update with better technology? Whether it’s an alarm system or surveillance cameras we can help. We start by giving you a free onsite security analysis to get an idea of what design will work best for your unique home or business. We discuss your goals, budget, and what is possible. Whether you want something very basic, or the best of what the security industry has to offer we can accommodate you.

System Design and Engineering Support

Our free security analysis is the first step to determining what will work best for your home or business. Our comprehensive security analysis will determine:

  • Design based on infrastructure
  • Network requirements
  • Bandwidth analysis
  • Cabling requirements
  • Hardware assessment
  • Camera placement and layout
  • Choke points
  • And More

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