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Are you a business owner or manager looking to upgrade your security system? Having a reliable and up-to-date alarm and surveillance system to protect your business is essential. Whether you’re just starting, or need to update an outdated system we can help. Maybe your business just needs certain aspects of its security system retrofitted with some updated technology.

We have experience working with older systems and the ability to hardwire or add onto an older system for more functionality while saving you money by not replacing the entire system.  We’ve worked in and with a number of industries and provided them with long term security solutions.

Office Buildings

Whether you’re managing a small or large office building, you need reliable alarms and video systems to keep your employees safe and mitigate risk. We can provide solutions designed to address security and operational needs for businesses of any size. We implement strategic design for security camera placement and ease of use for your security team to act swiftly when need be.

Retail Stores

If you’re just managing a single retail store or a multi-site franchise, we can help you secure your valuable merchandise. Just the presence of video surveillance alone dramatically decreases theft from outside and inside your retail store. Employee theft accounts for 47% of business loss while shopping lifting comes in at 32%. Security enhances customer experience, helps prevent loss, and improves profitability.


Whether you’re a family practice or larger healthcare facility we can update your security to help you better serve your patients. Not only do security cameras help protect your facility from outside dangers, but they promote a better patient experience by keeping employees accountable, and mitigate medical facility risk. Improve your management efficiency, operational consistency, and protect your assets.


Schools and universities in Little Rock, AR have grown more dependent on video surveillance to deter theft, and protect students, faculty, and personnel. Interactive Security Solutions can provide intelligent visual integration with existing systems and update alarms to better serve your security teams. Perimeter security deters unauthorized visitors from entering your campus, and access control systems ensure intruders will never reach critical areas of your school building. Video surveillance is also a powerful deterrent of on-campus vandalism.


Federal, state, and local office rely on up-to-date security to ensure safety for administrators and employees. We can work with any level of government and help them update their security systems with more responsive and reliable technology.

Financial & Banking

Financial service companies rely heavily on top tier security systems. The best video surveillance equipment combined with seamless alarm systems are essential for any financial service company. Whether you’re a local small bank or a branch of a larger national bank we can update your existing system to better protect your assets and add a layer of accountability within your company.

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