gun classes Chicago

gun classes Chicago

Are you looking for affordable, professional gun classes in Chicago? You’ll find Midwest Guns offers a range of classes designed to make learning how to shoot convenient and enjoyable. Midwest Guns’ clients feel safe and confident learning from the experts who have taught countless others to shoot safely and responsibly.

For beginning shooters, the Intro to Firearms Class is the perfect way to start out. This class will provide you with:

– An informative introduction to the safe, recreational use of handguns
– A clear understanding of city and state requirements for owning and purchasing a handgun

As a participant in the Intro to Firearms Class, you’ll fire a 22 LR revolver and a 38 special revolver. You’ll benefit from personal training since each class is limited to only 12 students. The class cost is just $50, required at the time of your reservation. Reserve a spot in this very informative and beneficial class by calling 708-447-4848 x8.

Midwest Guns offers a great selection of gun classes at their Chicago location. High in popularity is their 1 1/2 hour Firearm Safety Class which will prepare you to shoot on the Midwest public gun range. As a shooter, you will receive a 45-minute safety class immediately followed by a 45-minute firing session on the private range.

Cost for the Firearm Safety Class is just $75 per person, and will include all of the following:

– Firearm rental and ammo
– No FOID required
– 25 rounds of 22 LR ammo for the revolver
– 25 rounds of 9mm ammo for the semi-auto pistol
– Education in safety, familiarization, shooting fundamentals, proper loading and unloading procedures and gun nomenclature

Ready to get involved a little deeper? You’ll probably enjoy the 2-hour Personal Course One on One taught on the Midwest private range. This is one of the most popular gun classes in Chicago. Select your preference from 38 special or 9mm semi-auto. The cost of the Personal Course One on One is $240 and includes the use of a gun, 100 rounds of ammo, hearing and eye protection, and targets. You’ll be required to wear a belt.

As a participant of this class, you’ll learn the basics of shooting disciplines, safety, loading & unloading, sight alignment, trigger control, sight picture and drawing and firing from a holster. Please call the range in advance at 708-447-4848 to sign up as this class is by appointment only.

Midwest Guns offers Illinois Concealed Carry firearm Permit gun classes. Chicago, IL permits are honored in 27 states; the complete list can be found on the website. Eight-hour and sixteen-hour classes are both available. Please call in advance to schedule your place in one of the classes.

Sign up for the most comprehensive gun classes in Chicago by calling Midwest Guns at 708-447-4848 or stop into the location and register at the counter. There are numerous reasons why you should have your Illinois Concealed Carry Firearm Permit. Sign up today to get started.

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gun classes Chicago

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