control your alarm with2gig your phone.  Control your alarm with your phone! we use has a GSM 4G cellular module. The GSM allows the security system to communicate with, allowing you to control devices with your phone. The GSM module also has z-wave technology. Think of z-wave as a small internet network. The network allows devices to talk to one and other and communicate with the security system. The security system then communicates with This allows you to control thermostats, door locks, appliances,lamps, garage doors, cameras, image sensors, from your phone or computer. If some one steps in your door way you can have a camera record them and notify you on your phone, text or email. You can have the system notify you when your kids come home and a history of when. Unlock your door and turn the alarm off to let someone in. Have the thermostat adjusted automatically when your alarm is set, so you can save money on utilities. Watch our videos on the web sight at  It is made so easy with Interactive Security Solutions and  Call or text us at 501-425-1391


Easy to use mobile apps from help you get more from your security system. Now it’s simple to be in control, get alerts, manage your energy and watch video in the palm of your hand.

*Easy access

*Intuitively designed mobile interfaces make it easy to interact with your security system.

*Instant awareness
*Real-time alerts are delivered right to your mobile device when activity takes place at your      property.
*Remote control
*Arm your system or turn off the lights from your phone instead of having to return home if you forget.