Alibi’s new IP Bullet Camera has arrived. If you’re looking for the best security camera for your Little Rock home or business, it’s hard to beat Alibi cameras. The new IP Bullet Camera produces some of the best low light and nighttime images of any camera out there. When a break-in or attempted break-in happens, having clear images can accurately identify perpetrators and help stop them from repeating their crimes.

Super Low Light Rating

The ALIBI 4MP ILLUMINITE 100’ WHITE LIGHT H.265+ IP BULLET CAMERA gives you detailed color video images 24/7/365. This bullet camera features a Starlight chipset with a super low light LUX rating allowing it to capture video in extreme low light conditions. In zero-light situations, built-in lighting kicks on to guarantee rich, colorful, and clear images

High-Resolution Recordings 

Alibi security cameras are engineered to capture crystal clear images. They come with recording resolutions up to 1080p (HD-TV), and 8.0 MP (IP). All recorders use surveillance optimized WD Purple hard drives, designed to run cooler and last longer for applications that require continuous operation.

Real-Time Remote Viewing

The H.265+ video compression technology enables faster, more fluid remote viewing, and gives you the ability to view more channels remotely. The compression technology frees up more storage space allowing you to record and store more using less space. The camera can also support H.265, H.264+, and H.264.

Ideal for Outdoors

No need to worry about the elements affecting this camera. With an IP67 weather-rated metal enclosure, the IP bullet camera maintains its functions in temperatures from -22F to as high as 140F. The enclosure keeps out dust, sand, and rain making it the perfect outdoor security solution.

 Advanced Video Analytics

 Aside from outstanding imaging capabilities, this camera is extremely smart. The detection capabilities make it one of the most complete security solutions on the market.

  • Line Crossing – The camera can send alerts when objects cross pre-determined virtual fences.
  • Intrusion Detection -Pre-define a zone for object detection based on size and time duration.
  • Face Detection – Crisp clear snapshots of faces help with accurate identification.
  • Object Removal Detection – Detects when particular objects are taken away from a pre-defined area. Think exhibits on display. An alarm can be triggered with this function.
  • Unattended Baggage Detection – If baggage, purses, or even dangerous materials are left in a pre-defined area, an alarm can be triggered.
  • Scene Change Detection – If someone physically manipulates the camera and moves it, an alarm can be triggered.


Interactive Security Solutions is a trusted and experienced Little Rock security company. As an experienced Alibi security camera dealer and installation expert, we can assure you’re going to get the perfect system for your home or business. Call today, and we’ll walk you through your options and can schedule a free on-site consultation. Secure your home and business with the best security cameras available today.

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