Access Control

Commercial Access Control Systems
Protect your assets and create a safer environment for employees and visitors


The right access control system is the cornerstone of your entryway security, enabling you to manage who enters, when, and how, with visibility of all that’s going on. ISS has the technology and expertise you need for your access control security for small businesses, schools and campuses,  manufacturing facilities, and commercial enterprises of all kinds.

Cloud-Based Access Control 

More flexibility and scale 

  • Manage your system and user access privileges from anywhere 
  • Easily add new functionality at the touch of a button 
  • Peace of mind from built-in redundancy protects against disasters 
  • Help control costs by eliminating or reducing on-site servers 
Cloud based acccess control

Biometric & Facial Recognition

Take access control credentials to the next level 

  • Credentials that are unique to each user and can’t be shared 
  • Stronger security and accountability 
  • Creates consistent access policies
Biometric & Facial Recognition

Mobile Credentials

Combine ease of use for your staff with strong security 

  • Fast and convenient access for all users
  • Issue or revoke credentials from anywhere, at any time 
  • Reduce dependence on physical credentials
Mobile Credentials

Visitor Management

Extend your access control solution for greater protection

  • Seamlessly integrate your visitor management with access control
  • Automate screening processes & ensure compliance
  • Protect your people and assets
Visitor Management System

Local Customer Service 

With ISS you never talk to a robot, get a ticket and wait for a callback, or deal with offshore representatives that don’t understand your issue. When you need customer service you get customer service. You call us, we pick up the phone and help. It’s that simple.

Local Customer Service

The Benefits of Access Control for Your Business or Organization

  • Management of an openings: monitor the door for held open alarms, door forced open alarms, and actual door positioning (i.e., what state the door is in, open or closed)
  • Management of people: manage who has access, where they can go, when they can access, and when they cannot.
  • Integrated solutions: incorporate other solutions, such as video, into the access control system providing a software platform. This is most beneficial in campus settings, such as higher education or medical institutions with multiple buildings on a large piece of property.

Types of Access Control Systems

Discretionary access control (DAC)

DAC systems give business owners, rather than security experts, control over access rights and permissions for all users.

Mandatory access control (MAC)

One person has full authority to establish and reinforce access guidelines and assign permissions to the entire organization. Usually, this person has a role like a Chief Security Officer. If your organization requires a high level of security and confidentiality, this is a good option.

Role-based access control (RBAC)

Restrict network access based on the role of individual users within an organization. With this method, you compartmentalize your users and assign different levels of permission-based on the user role.

ISS Access Control Systems 

Interactive Security Solutions can install any brand of access control of your choice. Most of the top brands offer similar features such as: 

  • Cloud Management 
  • Mobile App Management 
  • Thumb Drive Video Recording 
  • Smart Reports 
  • Video Tagging  
  • NVR Integration 
  • Remote access 
  • And more  


ISS is ready to walk you through your options, help you select the best solution, install the access control and train you on how to use it. 

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